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How To Exit Or Retire Sooner

Tracey James - Friday, November 09, 2018

How to EXIT or RETIRE Sooner

Are you the CEO of an Aussie Tech Company - or plan to be? If you are, likely you have a long term goal - your Ultimate End Game - when you'll crack open the Krug and party like it's 1999. I explore the 6 critical factors you need to consider to win your Ultimate End Game sooner. 

Why you started  

Most Tech Co CEOs start out with a really clear goal in mind. Did you?

Maybe you're the Founder and the brains behind a brilliant, game-changing product or service.  It had the potential to help millions of people worldwide and you wanted to make a real difference.  You still do.

You're not alone

Many Tech Company CEOs feel like this. It's why Aussie technology is often world-beating and audacious;  there's a lot of passion behind it.

Yet, very few CEOs seem to reach their goals in the time frames they set when they first started out. 

Why? Because, once the reality of running a company sets in, it's easy to take your eye off the ball and the vision of your End Game can become a bit blurred.  

What is  your Ultimate End Game?

Think about it right now.   

Keep thinking about it until it's so clear and real you could taste it.

Is it one of these? 

  • SELLING your technology to a major player and cashing in?
  • LISTING your company on the ASX or NASDAQ and cashing in?
  • Either of the above and spending TIME WITH FAMILY?
  • Either of the above and DOING IT AGAIN?
  • BUILDING a global business for long term revenue.

Do you still want to win this Ultimate End Game as soon as possible?    

Make it happen sooner

We've prepared a checklist for CEOs of Aussie Tech Companies just like you. It will help you keep your Ultimate end Game top of mind when making decisions about staff, partners, events, media - just about anything to do with your business. And the good news is, there are only 6 critical factors to consider.  

You'll be surprised how important your End Game will appear - and how clear your choices become - when viewed through its lens.

Grab the Checklist below.

I hope it moves you quickly towards your End Game.  Let me know!






Tracey James
Chief Executive

I used to be a Biotech researcher but got sick of acid holes in my clothing. After switching to selling the equipment I'd used in the lab, I discovered marketing and loved it. I've been marketing technologies ever since. I still love it.

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