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How Marketing Toolkits Fast-track Your Results

Tracey James - Friday, March 16, 2018

How Marketing Toolkits Fast-track Your Results | Technoledge

There are toolkits and then there are toolkits. Most marketing ones are random selections of simple, freely-available templates that anyone sensible could conjure up. The set of tools I focus on here delivers complete end-to-end processes that include every element and step, and let's you sequence them to achieve rapid, reproducible results, every time. That’s what I call a toolkit.

Chefs, Cooks and Marketers

If you’re a chef in a two or three hat restaurant, you won’t need recipes to prepare your dishes. Chances are you’ve created and improved them many times, and you could easily produce them in your sleep.

If you’re a home cook preparing for a dinner party, you're more likely short of sleep because you've been worried about the outcome. To ensure success you need a list of ingredients, clear instructions on what to do with them, and perhaps some hands-on guidance from the senior cook in the family. It's easier if you've practised the recipe once or twice before the big night.

Marketing is a lot like cooking; professional marketers are immersed in marketing every day, like professional chefs are in cooking. And like chefs, the best marketers follow defined processes, which they're constantly refining and improving, based on feedback and results.

The best chefs aren’t afraid to share their recipes either. They know they’ve left nothing out and, if cooks follow their processes, they’ll get great results and spread the word. The chefs’ fame will spread, while they work on the next great menu. Marketing should be the same.

Be Sure of the Vital Ingredient 

You may have friends who cook great meals, but when asked how they did it, their details are a bit sketchy. It might have been luck or a key variation to a favourite recipe. You’ll never know, and that fabulous meal may never be repeated.

Most marketing toolkits are the same: incomplete. They might have few a useful templates, but they don’t tell you the thinking behind them, how to use them in sequence or how to interpret the results. They’re a bit like a recipe missing a few ingredients or steps; you’ll never get the right result, because you’ll never know the full process.

Others are natty workbooks with lots of graphics but little substance. Once you start filling them in, you find the logical thread is missing and the bits don’t quite hang together. They look good but haven’t been well thought out and won’t deliver on their promise.

A third type includes templates; tables you fill in to organise data and your thoughts. These can be useful if they’re used in sequence, and if you know the thinking behind them and can pull the whole process together.

Typical Types of Toolkits

Here are some of the results you’ll see if you go searching for marketing toolkits:

  • Digital analysis tools (keyword research, SEO, website traffic, backlinks etc)
  • CRM systems (such as Salesforce) - which are solutions not toolkits
  • Task Managers and Time Trackers - which help you organise marketing tasks
  • Planning docs, checklists, spreadsheets, editorial calendars - which are the same as above
  • Lists of essential tools you can buy – which are random selections not a process
  • Online courses and guides – which may be quite useful, but you won’t know until the end.

They each have a place, but do you want to try them all? 

Toolkits for Professionals

I'm not a great cook but I want professional results, ideally from simple recipes for meals that are easy and fast to cook - no Larousse Gastronomique and boiling down fish heads for 3 days. (Yes, I admit, I'm a bit of Philistine.) When it comes to new gadgets, I'm definitely a ‘read the manual’ type, too. I methodically count the pieces, assemble the thing and test it out, and mostly it works.

This was my thinking when I started marketing complex technologies back in 2004. With a logical biochemistry-microbiology-trained brain, I wanted to add rigour to marketing which, to me at the time, was a pretty fluffy concept. By doing this, I could decrease uncertainty and increase predictability and results. This was so satisfying, I’ve been developing and refining processes to market technologies ever since.

With the 13th year of operation of Technoledge behind us, our processes have been refined and optimised through countless client projects. They're robust and reliable - and now we're making them available so no technology marketer has to struggle with 'hit and miss'. Now you can access the Marketing Toolkits we use, and apply them in-house, yourself.  

End-to-End Methodology

Our Marketing Toolkits were designed to take the concept of recipe and user guide, and combine them with consulting. This way, they’ provide a complete process for a complex dish, with a few private masterclasses to add the finishing touches. Fortunately for you the consulting is on how to market technology, not how to cook.

Our toolkits map our proprietary end-to-end methodology for growth – The Technology Trinity – developed, tested and proven in the Australian High Tech sector. It has 3 sequential phases and there is one complete toolkit matched to each phase.

  • Uncontested Space – finding those markets or niches you can dominate
  • Compelling Content – creating the content that will influence not just inform
  • Growth Engine – building an automated process for lead generation and nurture.

Each toolkit contains 3 elements:

  • 10 individual tools (templates to copy and fill, with instructions and examples)
  • User Guide (how to use, sequence and interpret the tools)
  • Consult (3 hours of consulting time to fill any gaps).

This way, each toolkit is self-contained and complete yet dovetailed with the next, so you can acquire a complete end-to-end methodology.

How do you Use our Marketing Toolkits?

Our Marketing Toolkits are designed for CEOs or CMOs of technology companies who have the resources and time to DIY marketing, in house. When you buy a toolkit, it’s for your unfettered use internally, for as long as you like, by as many of your team as you like. Because they contain so much of our valuable IP, we do specify that these tools are not shared outside your organisation.

As CMO or CEO, you can use these tools to:

  • Establish a company Growth Strategy, knowing that you have the tools to deliver it
  • Improve your marketing processes by adding rigour, logic and templates
  • Equip your marketing team with the most precise tools for the job
  • Provide a reference base and a common set of standards for marketing
  • Induct new team members into a precise marketing framework
  • Check the processes and efficiency of any current marketing partners  
  • Evaluate your own marketing processes against a proven standard.

These Marketing Toolkits are what we use now, and clients who work with us already have them. With each toolkit, you get all the tools you need for each phase, detailed notes on how to use them plus the chance to pick the brain of an experienced technology marketer.

Thought Leadership

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re an Australian company at the forefront of your technology. You could be the Thought Leader in your patch and, if you're small, agile and smart, you should be. You have competitors, and some may be global giants with deep marketing pockets.

You can’t outspend them, but you can outsmart them by focusing on their weaknesses and your strengths, by staying under the radar and connecting with technology buyers directly, and by streamlining your marketing so that it’s cost-effective, automated and focused on results, not pretty pictures.

You could become the Thought Leader in your market and grow a successful local and global business, as some of our clients have done. They've seen our Marketing Toolkits in action as part of our custom services. You could do that too, or just acquire the toolkits and DIY. The choice is yours.

Tracey James
Chief Executive

I used to be a Biotech researcher but got sick of acid holes in my clothing. After switching to selling the equipment I'd used in the lab, I discovered marketing and loved it. I've been marketing technologies ever since. I still love it.

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