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7 Ways to Attract More Readers to Your Blog

Kim Brebach - Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why being yourself will attract readers to your blog

Every has or should have a blog these days, so there’s a lot of competition for your target audience. Yours needs to stand out from the crowd. We'll show you how to push your blog to the front of the pack. Let's first recall why so many organisations invest so much time and effort in blogs' they work. Surveys have shown that companies that blog actively:

  • Generate 67% more B2B leads
  • Generate 88% more B2C leads
  • Get 97% more inbound links (which raise your Google PageRank).

Dare to be different

These are strong numbers, but showing a clear ROI for your blog isn’t so easy. Nor is keeping your blog going, but you can delegate or contract a copywriter. What is crucial is that you have something to add for your audience that competitors can't - something of value. A fresh perspective, a different angle or more thought-provoking insights. Most of all, you have to be prepared to stick your neck out a bit. Otherwise you'll never be seen as a thought leader.

Have a clear purpose

That purpose isn’t promoting your company, products and services, or yourself; they’re the self-basting blogs no-one reads. The writers of popular blogs have a passion to share know-how and experience with others who face the same problems. If you can do that, you’ll soon have a loyal audience.

Be really useful

Write for your audience. Blogging is giving, from really useful information, tips and know-how to e-books, case studies, expert commentary, to links to external content which sheds light on problems in your industry. Talk about issues and problems your audience relate to. Show them that they’re not alone.

Captivate and cultivate

If you want to reach more people with traditional advertising, you have to spend more money. In social media marketing, the currency is relevant content and an engaging voice. When readers like your content and the way you tell your story, they’ll share your posts with friends and colleagues, and come back for more.

Relax and be yourself

Your blog is not the place to showcase your skills for crafting extraordinary prose. Speak in a relaxed, conversational tone. Don’t try to create someone else’s voice, or preach from a pulpit. Instead, speak to your readers in their language, in your way, and they’ll trust you. If you’ve engaged a good copywriter, she’ll learn to write in your voice.

Make posts easy to read

Most people don’t ‘read’ anymore. They scan, skim and check headings. So break your blog posts up into short paragraphs and interesting sub headings i.e. format the text to suit impatient readers. Your writing should also give them a smooth ride. Use simple sentence structures and plain English words, use imagery where possible, and use examples to simplify complex issues.

Use variety, voices and media

A corporate blog can take on more colour and variety by having several contributors with different voices. They can be from your organization or from outside. A guest post from an industry thought leader, for instance, can add a fresh view and drive more readers to your blog. You can also use other media (videos, slideshows etc.) to illustrate your points, but keep it simple.

Summing Up

If you follow these rules, you'll attract more readers, but it takes time to grow the number of followers. And one more thing: your main blogger doesn’t have to be your CEO, CTO or even CMO. It can be an employee with a great sense of humour or a gift for writing, or a copywriter with the ability to write in your voice(s).

Finally, be clear about what you expect your blog to do. It won’t sell more products or generate leads, but it should become an important part of your marketing and competitive positioning. See your blog as a way to raise your profile or build your though leadership. The leads will follow.

Kim Brebach
Content Chief

I've always loved people and words. As long as I can remember, I've been a story-teller and the team here says I'm pretty good at it. That's probably why I head up the Content Team: I create the arc of the story and others add their magic. 

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