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An unexpected start 

Hello. I'm Tracey James and I founded Technoledge in 2004. 

After double-majoring in Biochemistry & Microbiology then doing a thesis in Biotechnology, marketing was definitely not on my radar. It was far too fluffy for someone who took herself as seriously as I did back then.

I had a starry-eyed idea that I'd be Australia's leading female scientist by the time I was 30; researching into use of sugar cane waste, bagasse, to produce vehicle-grade ethanol seemed like just the ticket.

Not a great idea

It soon became depressingly clear that every arable square centimetre of Australian soil would need to be under sugar cane to fuel the number of cars on Australian roads - even then. And, once the thesis was done, lab work became really boring (did I mention 200 reducing sugar assays a day?).

I was young and in a hurry, so I took a huge leap of faith into sales - the only other profession where my obscure degree in Biotech had any relevance. I started selling and later marketing the gear I'd used in the lab: gene manipulation kits, HPLCs (High Pressure Liquid Chromatographs) and the like. To my astonishment, I'd found my passion - communicating complexity.   

Then in 2000, I swapped again, this time to IT. Aussie Biotech hadn't delivered much on its promise, yet IT was really booming. Sadly, I made the swap just before the tech crash. Oh well; life's rich tapestry. 

A big surprise

My darling brothers said I was a luddite – that I'd be ‘eaten alive in IT’ – but I switched anyway.

What happened next took my breath away.

In my first 2 weeks with my first IT employer (a small Aussie loyalty software company), I re-wrote their marketing collateral. Being new to IT, I had to prove myself first in sales, but couldn't help myself: their content said nothing about what they actually did and I had to fix it.

Then I bravely strode out to test out my new collateral.

Against all expectations, 14 weeks after joining the company I secured a $5.4 million deal. I was gob-smacked; I hadn’t a clue about how the software worked, but I could see exactly why businesses needed it. This was a light globe moment.

The same pattern

In the next few years, I sold software for 2 more companies (US and German this time) and found a recurring pattern: great technology and really smart people – but they had no idea how to explain their technologies so business buyers could understand the benefits.

But it was worse than that; they had no marketing at all; they didn't think they needed it.

One of them gave the sales guys just 3 things - technical training, a car and a sales target - and was churning sales people every quarter. That made me really mad - because I was one of them.  That was the third strike for me.  

A third leap of faith

I took another leap of faith; I founded Technoledge, a marketing agency to un-complicate technologies like IT, Biotech, Electronics, Clean and Emerging Technologies. 

Over the years, I've applied the same rigour I loved in science to the  marketing of technology and, to my delight, it's worked.

I've devised hundreds of Precision Marketing Processes that reduce the time and uncertainty of marketing in the high tech sector.

Our team now uses them routinely. Some of the key processes are distilled in The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint, the definitive guide to marketing Aussie Technologies. You can  get it below.


Boosting IT strengths

Some years later, I was joined by Kim Brebach, a veteran of IT sales and marketing. He’d worked with companies like Novell and Silicon Graphics and knew IT terminology, sales techniques, markets and decision drivers inside out. But, at the time he was following his real passion, writing novels.

Kim is terrific at research and strategy but he's spectacular at writing.  He has an uncanny ability to see how obscure threads can be woven into intriguing stories.

He can conjure an engaging technology yarn out of virtually nothing. Considering some of the dry Tech Sector stuff we start with, this skill is like gold dust for Technoledge. Our clients marvel at the transformation of the dusty, dry data they give us - into provocative White Papers, colourful Case Studies and interesting Application Briefs. 

Adding Kim to the team was the perfect balance: ideas and creativity joined logic and rigour. These days, Kim heads up the Content Team. 

Building the team

Technoledge has grown over the years. We now have teams specialising in graphic design, web development, marketing automation, social marketing, digital strategy and more. Meet the team.

Today, we are the outsourced marketing department for many Aussie Tech companies. Their Senior Executives get back to what they do best, while we focus on building their businesses for them. They love it and so do we.

Big opportunities

We used to take on isolated projects like website re-designs or lead generation campaigns, but kept finding the same thing: basic assumptions and positioning were off-target and major opportunities were being missed.

We also found some clients using a variety of external providers - and no-one was keeping an eye on over-arching strategy and consistency. 

These days we take care of the lot shebang for them, so there is full accountability with no gaps, overlaps or blame-shifting. 

The big picture

We also often attend our clients' board meetings and advise them on marketing at a strategic level.

This way, we get to understand the CEO's 'ultimate end game' which might be selling or listing the company or selling the technology. This ensures we can devise strategies to deliver that goal, not just a few fast leads or a flurry of web traffic.  It makes a huge difference them, to us and to results.

Using Precision Marketing Processes, we execute unique marketing strategies that help Aussie Tech Companies grow sustainable local and global businesses - with logical, precise, measured steps.

Our clients love it and so will you. Why not contact me for a chat?


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