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Precision Marketing that works in the Aussie Tech sector

The Aussie Tech market is like no other: exciting, dynamic and challenging; it’s why you love it.

It's why we love it too - and why we’ve worked exclusively in it for over a decade. We love taking really complex concepts and making them irresistible to non-technical, non-scientific buyers like CEOs, institutional investors or potential business partners. Read about our beginnings here.

The Technology Trinity

We’ve learned a lot along the way, especially what works and what doesn’t in the Aussie Tech sector.

We’ve distilled our experience into The Technology Trinity: a process with 3 vital components to differentiate and build Australian businesses, locally and globally. 

Marketing technologies are changing at lightning speed, just like most high tech products and services. That’s why The Technology Trinity works so well in this sector:

  • It’s robust - and withstands market changes
  • It’s flexible - and adapts to new technologies
  • It’s based on timeless marketing principles - so it delivers reliably, regardless of trends or technology. 

The 3 elements

1.  Uncontested Space

In technology markets, there’s opportunity everywhere: it’s tempting to chase every possible buyer and tackle all competitors, but that could just waste a lot of resources and time.

If you’re an Australian Tech company, trying to build a credible business you can leverage for overseas growth, you need to be selective. Particularly when it comes to global competitors, you need to choose your battlefield.

We’ve developed a process called the Position Prism to help you define your Uncontested Space - where your technology shines, where you can become the thought leader, and dominate and win against any technology competitor. See at right and read more here.

2.  Compelling Content

Creating content is easier than ever, so targets everywhere are being bombarded from all directions. They’re shutting out everyone they don’t trust, which means lower response rates for everyone.

To be seen as one of the few trusted sources, your content has to be consistently useful. This is especially so in technology markets, which change at blistering speed. If you’re the first out with a useful opinion on an emerging trend, yours will be the one that is read and shared. It’s how you build thought leadership.

We’ve developed a process called the Content Concentrator  which helps you create Compelling Content - by focusing on your targets’ buyer personas and buyer journeys, and what they want from you in order to satisfy them. This is how you convert web visitors into leads, qualified prospects and satisfied customers. See below and read more here.

3.  Growth Engine

The purpose of marketing is to grow your business through a constant flow of high quality leads, and to keep existing customers happy and increasing their value, with enthusiasm.  

For best results, you want a marketing process or growth engine that does this, reliably and consistently. Ideally, your growth engine should reach top gear quickly, and then cruise without needing much marketing fuel. More here

We’ve developed a process for this called the Growth Generator which helps you build a Growth Engine to:

  • Get the best out of the offline and online marketing processes that match your technology
  • Feed these processes with compelling collateral that will qualify prospects
  • Measure and automate the process so you can correct and optimise quickly.

If you'd like to explore how these methods could help to sharpen your technology marketing edge, arrange a complimentary free Strategy Session with me. You'll gain insights you can use today.


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