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Hi-Tech Position Prism

Find your uncontested space

Finding the uncontested market space where your technology shines - where you can become the thought leader - is the most important marketing step you will take.

It will refocus your business, help you win more satisfied customers and invest less to gain each one of them.

The Hi-Tech Position Prism takes you through it. These are the questions it will help you answer:

1. Who are your ideal customers?

  • What are ideal customer organisations like?
  • Who are the main personas involved? 
  • What issues keep them awake at night (pain points in their roles)? 

2. What else could they choose?

  • What solutions have they used/could use now (in-house, competitors, other)
  • What are the advantages and drawbacks of these? (technology, supplier, people) 
  • Where do you think your technology solution is superior? 

3. What is your unique value?

  • When do you win against each of these solutions?
  • Why do customers say they chose your solution? 
  • What do you really offer that is unique and compelling? 

4. Where is your enduring uncontested space?

  • What segment or niche can you dominate and maintain?
  • What is the unique value you bring to this space?
  • What are your core positioning, messaging and voice? 

To see how the Hi-Tech Position Prism could help you spend less to grow more, book a complimentary Triple O Consult (to explore Opportunities, Obstacles & Options). It will take about 30 minutes.

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