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Hi-Tech Growth Generator

Start your engine

There is a mind-numbing choice of online and offline marketing methods (Forbes says there are over 1,700 vendors of marketing technologies alone) so it’s easy to get confused and frustrated.

The 3rd element in The Technology Trinity, the Hi-Tech Growth Generator, is designed to make your choices logical, easy and effective.

  • From the Hi-Tech Position Prism, you'll know the sort of organisations and buyers you want more of, who the typical personas are, and what motivates them.
  • From the Hi-Tech Content Concentrator, you'll know which content buyers want at what stage, to keep them moving into your marketing and sales funnel.

The Hi-Tech Growth Generator ties them both together, to build a growth engine that generates and converts leads, qualifies prospects and satisfies customers so they stay with you & keep referring you.

The Hi-Tech Growth Generator takes you through it. These are the questions it will help you answer:

1. How will you kick start your growth engine?

  • Which offline/online methods will reach your ideal targets where they’re looking?
  • What is the most logical, cost-effective sequence for these methods?
  • What are meaningful measures of success?
  • Which methods can you automate?
2. How will you maintain momentum?

  • What content will keep the engine generating with minimum fuel?
  • What is needed to maintain momentum, leads and growth?
  • What can you do in-house and what can be outsourced?
  • How will you measure, test and tweak for continued results?
To see how the Hi-Tech Growth Generator could help you maintain a pipeline of high quality leads, book a complimentary Triple O Consult to explore Opportunities, Obstacles & Options for your technology.

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