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Hi-Tech Content Concentrator

Craft compelling collateral

While it’s relatively easy and cheap to create and distribute lots of content, you’ll engage more high value prospects with less content of greater quality.

From the Hi-the Position Prism, the 1st element in The Technology Trinity that defines your uncontested space, you'll define the sort of organisations and buyers you want more of, who the typical personas are and what motivates them.

The 2nd element is the Content Concentrator, where we combine the buyer personas with the stages of the buyer journey, and examine which compelling content the personas need, in order to move them further into your funnel.

The Hi-Tech Content Concentrator takes you through it. These are the questions it will help you answer:

  • What the main obstacles to growth (traffic, engagement, conversion, closure etc)?
  • If these were removed, are the downstream processes working?
  • Is there a burning topical problem you can solve right now?
  • What premium content do you have to solve it and prove your UVP?
  • What other content do you have (anything from data sheets to proposals)
  • Where does each fit along the buyer journey?
  • Which can be re-used for other personas?
  • Which can be re-purposed into something else?
  • Where does this content need to be in what format to engage the buyer?

The Hi-Tech Content Concentrator puts your content under the microscope and helps you answer the question: is my content clear and convincing enough to compel targets to engage and keep moving down the funnel?

If not, which ones need to be fixed first? You’ll probably find you can re-use lots of material and have
fewer content pieces, each with greater impact. 

To find out how the Hi-Tech Content Concentrator  could help you create less content with more impact, book your Triple O Call (Opportunities, Obstacles & Options)



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