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Developing world-beating high tech products isn’t easy. We know.

We work with Australian high tech companies who want to build thriving local and global businesses, with the help of smart marketing services.  We also work with selected international companies who seek traction in the Australian market. For both, we make their technologies irresistible to their prospects, using a process we've developed called The Technology Trinity.

Meet our clients or view our work to get an idea of who we are and what we do. If you’re like our existing clients – or even if you’re a little different - if you have a high tech product or service, we can help you stand out from competitors of any size, in any market. It’s all about 4 questions:

Who are your targets?

Your ideal customers probably aren’t spread across every vertical, location or size. You want to focus on those who have problems you can easily solve – and who are profitable for you to serve. We help you define them - and what they crave from you, in order to become keen prospects and customers.

This is the first stage of The Technology Trinity, called the Hi-Tech Position Prism, where we help you find ideal customers, uncontested market space and the unique value you bring to them.

What do you want them to do? 

Do you want targets to call you, buy online, watch a demo, take a trial or something else? What can you give them that will entice them to take this step? We help you get these basics right – and set a firm foundation for your buyers’ journeys. Once you know exactly what you want targets to do, helping them take action you desire is easy.

What content do you have?

Do you have content like data sheets, webinars, presentations, project proposals, videos, White Papers or more? We’ll help you choose what to toss - and what to keep and re-purpose. Then we create irresistible content in language your ideal customers will respond to. It’s about tempting them, not chasing them, and building an automated growth engine that continuously generates quality leads.

Matching your content to your targets and the stage at which they are in the buyer's journey is the second stage of The Technology Trinity called the Hi-Tech Content Concentrator.

How can you put it to work?

You want your content to work hard, don’t you? We help you match your content to what your targets want, when and where, so they get what they want – and you get more value from what you have. Then we craft customised, sequenced campaigns that move targets to becoming your customers. Your compelling content is the fuel for your automated growth engine. This is the third stage of The Technology Trinity, called the Hi-Tech Growth Engine.

We work only in complex technologies and only B2B. We know both inside out. If you’d like to stop chasing and start enticing prospects, please give us a call.


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