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Presentation Skills - why techies must have them

Have you ever been in a prospect presentation when a Sales Engineer, Scientist or (worse) your technical CEO or Founder dropped a faux pas that derailed the process? We all have - and it's painful to watch.

Technical people are trusted more than any sales-savvy CEO or Business Development Manager because they focus on facts - and stick to them. It's why they are so important in the sales process.

In the long sales cycles typical for high tech products, your technical people are involved for 70% of the time. Yet, in most companies, technical staff and company leaders are given almost no training in soft skills.  Odd, isn't it? 

How to double your effectiveness 

Most technical people don’t want to be sales people; their technical focus keeps them ‘honest’ and objective, and ensures that they’re trusted by their counterparts in prospect companies. You don’t want to change this.

In most cases, they just need to understand the sales process, how they fit, how to read the situation and how to support the sales team. If you help them do this and more, you could double your sales force - and its effectiveness.

In the process, you’ll develop and retain loyal, highly skilled technical sales assets, for a fraction of the cost of acquiring just one extra sales resource. This is what our training Soft Skills for Techies does.

Soft Skills for Techies – how it works

Soft Skills for Techies is a series of face-to-face training modules to upskill up your technical staff to become sales support assets. The modules can be swapped between courses to create a unique combination for your business.

The training combines insights with practice and feedback, to transform your techies from shy observers to confident contributors, in a few days. The courses build sequentially, to develop their skills and uncover potential for career growth in your organisation.

How they learn

Our courses are interactive, facilitated workshops, customised to your needs. We guide your people through structured activities, addressing real world scenarios with your products and terminology. The learning is relevant and engaging, and is deeply embedded.

What they’ll learn

At the end of each course, your staff will have learned a host of practical skills which they can apply immediately. We provide group follow-up sessions and individual coaching to refresh, refine and extend the initial learning, and to answer real world queries from the field. This approach enables lasting and ongoing improvement.

The courses we offer

Our group courses include the following, with modules interchangeable to match your individual needs. We also offer one-on-one training for technical CEOs, CTOs, CSOs  and other executives.

Communication skills
Business skills
Sales support skills
Presentation skills 
English skills
Team selling

Contact us about transforming your technical staff or read 10 Ways to Present like Steve Jobs. Now there's good model to copy.

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