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What you can do  

un-crowd your market

Focus on Competitors you can beat & Buyers you can convince.
Find the Uncontested Space where your technology shines.
Become the Thought Leader & dominate this space.

We can now focus on just one market which suits our budget and channel model too.
Nick Power GM

un-complicate your technology

Speak to Buyers in language they understand.
Show them why yours is the only credible solution.
Make it easier for them to say YES.

It had to be understood by non-scientists
and be legally correct too. I can’t think
who else could have done this.

Dr Peter French CEO

un-plug your pipeline

Weed out Time-wasters & Pipeline-squatters early.
Attract high value Prospects & discourage the rest.
Make it easier for genuine Buyers to decide, not delay.

Within a week this approach yielded
7 times more downloads. We only need
to target one type of decision maker now.

Phil Jacobs CMO

un-limit your growth

Attract high value Buyers for your technology.
Keep them coming back with Compelling Content.
Build an automated Lead Generation Engine.

The new website’s attracted more
leads in 5 weeks live than the old
website did in 2 years.

Aaron Maher CEO

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Technoledge is a specialist marketing agency for the High Tech sector. We were founded in 2004 and we're based in Sydney, Australia.

We help High Tech companies who sell IT, Electronics, Biotech, Biomed, Clean, Emerging and other complex technologies to build successful local and global businesses. First, we uncover the markets they can dominate - not just spend time in, spinning their wheels and burning cash. Then, we help them un-complicate their messages, so the benefits to buyers in these markets are so strong they can't be ignored.    

Technoledge's proprietary marketing process, The Technology Trinity, has helped over 100 Australian technology companies win the markets they need for sustained local and global growth. Combining Uncontested Space with Compelling Content and an automated Growth Engine, The Technology Trinity has been designed, tested and proven in the Australian high tech sector for 13 years. It works.

If you want your marketing to be an investment that delivers high returns - not an expense that consumes your cash - contact Technoledge, Australia’s trusted Technology Marketers.